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Planning a December wedding? Six pros and cons to consider

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The December holiday is here and among the many relaxing and interacting activities that most people include in there to-do lists are weddings.

Many arrange for their big day to fall on this month since it is a time of merry and also a festive season when most of our close friends and family members are close by.

However, when planning to have your big day celebrated in this busy month, you should consider the merits and demerits that accompany this festive month.

For pros, having your wedding in December;

Involves all the people close to you

Like mentioned above, most people take a break from their jobs in December, leaving them with an entire month to relax, go on vacations and attend weddings. It is at this time that you can get almost everyone you wish to mark your big day with, from friends to family and colleagues.

Makes it easier to fit into the festive mood

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December holidays are associated with a certain festivity in the air and in some cultures, decorations and shopping offers begin as early as on December 1.

Planning for a December wedding means your invited guests and all attending parties are already in a happy celebratory mood which makes an even colourful day

Allows a relaxed honeymoon period

Out of the three known holidays, the December holiday offers more time to relax and having your wedding then gives you ample time to celebrate your honeymoon thereafter. 

It means that during and immediately after the big day, neither you nor your partner is thinking of unfinished business at work.

Gives an easy decor task

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Decorations are a common factor in December and this means carrying out decor or theme for your wedding won't be as strenuous as for the other months.

Usually at this period, most decor vendors have offers ranging from better prices to even free delivery and such. It is also easy to find decor of your choice since most decor vendors restock at this time of the year.

As for the cons;

December weddings are expensive

Since it is a month full of festivities, a wedding in December might dig a deeper dent into your pocket than any other time of the year.

This is because like you, other party makers are out looking for services like photography, tents, and venues and stuff like that. Hotels, where you want to stay for your honeymoon, may charge almost double of what they'd charge you in another time of the year.

Your intended guests might be occupied elsewhere

Since this is the month where everyone takes a break from their normal routine, you might find yourself with many attending guests.

This is because those you invite may have other festivities planned for the month, such as vacations or travelling upcountry. Others may send regrets as they are invited to other weddings other than yours.

Your wedding won't stand out

Most people are most likely to remember your wedding when it is not shadowed by other glamorous activities. Holding your wedding in December means it will be just one of those parties people attend in that one happy month.

While you are celebrating your big day, others will probably be thinking about their vacation, road trip, family gathering or even Christmas itself.

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