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Too much sauce! Ten Julie Gichuru’s photos that makes us doubt her real age

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Former TV anchor and one of the popular media personalities in Kenya, Julie Gathoni Sumira Gichuru has graced our screens for a long time. The flamboyant beauty who hosted Africa Leadership Dialogues show first at Citizen TV and then at KBC Channel 1 may have taken a break from our screens but we cannot forget her.

The 44-year-old mother of four has never failed to stun, both in dressing, her manner of conducting shows, all topped up with her ever-present signature smile. Her husband Anthony Gichuru with whom she will be celebrating 15 years of marriage this year has been her main support system, according to the popular beauty.

The couple, who lost their third-born son in 2015 to choking, co-owns MIMI online shop, Footprints for Africa, and Arimus Media. They also have stakes in the sports betting company M-Cheza.  Their major goal is building healthy informed and dignified societies. To them, their relationship’s success is based on loving and trusting each other.

In response to allegations that the screen siren is a victim of domestic violence, Julie said that Tony has never laid his hand on her. In fact, she referred to him as a caring and loving man. "I love and respect my husband. In my home, my husband is the king. He will come home and feel happy and feel comfortable, and he will make me feel like a queen," she said in an interview at a local station.

Sharing photos of events she attends in her day to day life, we all can’t help but notice she ages like fine wine. From conferences to meetings, Julie always has a way of impressing her audience. As from feedback from her many fans on social media, she really has a way with the crowds.

Here are some of Julie’s photos;

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