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Not your average mama: Fashionable stepmum sets trends with these9 outfits.

Blogger Catherine Kariuki, the creator of fashionable step mum blog and YouTube channel, has lived up to her blog name by stepping out in stunning fashion forward outfits time and again.  Her style is trendy and more out-of-the-box without going overboard. Makes sense?

She has mastered the art of dressing her body type in classy, colourful and bold outfits that have established her style and definitely set trends. These are some of our favourite looks.

1. This nude structured one tie-sleeve body-con dress is a perfect alternative between a tube dress and an off-shoulder dress. The button details and tie-sleeve add the much needed knack to the already fabulous dress.

2. Pleated palazzo pants are a good fashion gamble especially when the right size is worn with a fitting top that leave all the attention to the bottom. Even better when it is high-waist as it synchs at the waist and then goes on to dominate its way down.

3. Side-slit button up pants are the epitome of athleisure. They are chic, comfortable and laid back at the same time. The buttons can be opened for a flirty look or closed for a modest one.

4. There is some supremacy and authority that comes with wearing a suit. This fitting white suit exudes simplicity, authority, supremacy and gives attractive vibes in the same instance.

5. Whites and flowy dresses are so overrated as beach attire. This striped two-piece suit palazzo and off-shoulder tube top is a perfect alternative with its mute earthy tones.

6. We wouldn’t be wrong to say that Catherine is the queen of suits by now. She wears this Ankara print suit giving it a jazzy feel with the beret and white sneakers.

7. Going for a unique and bold look, this flared bottom stripped suit set out to be different by design from the colour, the design and the wide stripes on it. The matching coat also has a minimal flare to match the pants.

8. Beat the cold weather by layering up as Catherine shows you how to boss it up with this plaid dungaree over a black turtle neck. Top it off with a matching hat and shoes and it can be easily worn for most social occasions.

9. Floral pyjama pant suits are some of the classiest trends of 2018 but most fashionistas are shying away from them because they can be hard to pull off. But not for Catherine who opted for more fitting pants and chose a bold and fun print.


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