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Brenda Wairimu dazzles in her lingerie photoshoot


Actress Brenda Wairimu lit up social media with her fanciful photos donning sexy lingerie. Well, she’s got it and flaunting, in her case, leaves us wondering why she has always kept her public image so refined sharing only modest pictures on her social media handles.

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She revealed that it is her late mum who got her the lingerie six years back but she never got to wear them.

“Fun fact is that my mum bought me everything but the stockings, and even those I have owned for more than 6 yrs, but have never worn. I'm just captioning this to distract you from the actual picture


I'm getting questions about my hair, it's twist outs that didn't dry all the way through, lol.” She captioned her post.

Here are the photos of Brenda looking all erotic:

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