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Kenya features in Anthony Bourdain's last season of Parts Unknown

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As Anthony Bourdain's final season aired on Sunday 23rd on CNN's Parts Unknown, Kenya's Lewa Wildlife Conservancy was its centerpiece. In an emotional episode, the first since Bourdain tragically passed away, he shows his journey to kenya accompanied by W. Kamau Bell who is a host on CNN's United Shades of America. 
At Lewa, Bourdain and Kamau experienced the Conservancy’s work first-hand in protecting endangered species, including the black rhino and Grevy’s zebra. They met with the Lewa team to discuss conservation best practices and went on an anti-poaching patrol with rangers.
The duo and their team stayed at Lewa Wilderness, one of Lewa’s five lodges. The lodge is tucked into a hillside overlooking a valley, and has stunning views of wildlife and rolling plains.  They enjoyed spectacular wildlife viewing, and got to see some of Africa’s most iconic species during their stay.
But not before they enjoyed a wild ride in the famed Kenyan matatus and sampled unique Kenyan cuisine. 
The trip was Kamau’s first trip to Africa and to a country that has a great personal significance to him. His name, Kamau, is of Kenyan origin, belonging uniquely to the Kikuyu tribe. After digging deep into his ancestry, he also discovered that he had East African ancestry.
Here are some reactions to his final episode on CNN

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