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Fashion and beauty: Re-using baby products as beauty products

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Baby products not only smell great but are also free of harsh chemicals, gentle on the skin, and are versatile in nature and can sort many of the daily skincare needs.

Here are 5 baby products you can borrow for your daily beauty regime

1. Baby Powder

Baby powder can be used to lengthen lashes when applying a coat of mascara as you normally would. Also, using a cotton swab or a disposable, powder can be used to make any moisture lipstick matte.

You can also use the powder on your T- zone under your normal powder to keep your makeup matte and fresh.

Use it as a mascara wand (like to dust baby powder onto your lashes while the first coat is still wet. This will help to volume and lengthen them. Then swipe on a second coat of mascara to blend in the powder.

Remove excess shine, swirl a fluffy powder brush in baby powder, tap off any excess, and dust it on your face to obliterate an oily T-zone.

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It can also be used to fill in eyebrows. After using a brow pencil to fill in sparse areas, sprinkle baby powder onto a brow brush and comb through to plump up each hair.

2. Baby Oil

Baby oil light sinks right into the skin making it super-soft like a baby’s bottom! This can act as a makeup remover, skin moisturiser and massage oil without causing any irritation.

Baby oil can also be used to clean the make up on the eyes and lips. Yes, you can use baby oil on your face, since the baby oil is free of alcohol, it is safe to use as a cleaner make up.

Oil content moisturise, so make up on the eyes or lips could quickly disappear with the moisturising oils.

3. Baby Wipes

The fragrant baby wipes can be used to clear skin of grime and sweat on the go. It can also make a handy and gentle makeup remover especially for the eye makeup.

4. Diaper Rash Cream

Apart from relieving rashes on a baby’s bottom, the diaper rash cream can help soothe rashes and chafing caused during summer.

It is a great remedy for sensitive and rash prone skin. Diaper rash cream can also be used as an acne treatment. 

5. Baby shampoo
Very mild in nature, baby shampoo can be used if you have a sensitive scalp. Also, if you are looking to wash your hair daily, baby shampoo will not strip your hair of natural oils.

The importance of removing makeup every day before going to bed cannot be emphasized enough. Ordinary soaps are not as efficient at the task as a makeup remover. Makeup removers are great but at what cost? The no more tears baby shampoo can be used as a makeup remover because it’s not irritating to the skin and it does not leave a residue.

6. Baby blanket as a cover up

One of the most popular gifts people give an expectant mother is a blanket. When the baby is still small, they come in handy but once the baby turns 3, then you are left with a pile of blankets that cannot be reused.

You can use these soft blankets as shawls to use when blow drying your hair or applying makeup to avoid dusting your clothes.

7. Baby’s mitten as a face cloth

Baby’s mittens are so soft and light and they help keep babies warm. They look so cute when they wear them. You can use the mittens as face cloths because they are soft and do not irritate the skin. They will leave your face feeling good as new.

8. Bottle bag as a makeup bag

Bottle bags are mandatory for every mother on the go to own. Babies have a high metabolism and you need to give them milk and water many times a day. When you need to move around with your baby, the bottle bags have always been a good accessory.

When your baby has grown out of that stage, you can reuse them by making his/her baby products as makeup bags. Keeping your makeup organized helps to make them last longer.

9. Baby wash or baby soap

If you have failed to discover the perfect face wash for your dry or sensitive skin, then you must try baby washes or baby soaps. Very mild in composition and gentle on skin, it is a perfect solution for sensitive skin problems. You can also use it as hand wash, or mix it with warm water to soak your tired feet.

10. Baby sunscreen

It helps to reduce the appearance of facial red veins and  slows down the development of wrinkled, premature aging skin.











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