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Men confessions: They are as complicated as women in relationships

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Women are not the only “complicated.”

Stereotypes indicate men are basic and simple, while women are dramatic and complicated. These stereotypes are not entirely true. Men have shared concerns and they, too, can be complicated too. This mainly depends on a persons personality and not their gender.

Here are some conclusions from masculine confessions that will help us to understand them a little bit better and improve our relationship coexistence:

  1. Men don’t feel jealous over the smartness and handsomeness of fellow men, but they usually do feel jealous of men who have more money.
  2. Although it does not seem, men actually love being invited for dates, being given gifts and surprises.
  3. Men don’t like make up, most of them prefer women who look natural.
  4. They become obsessed and paranoid when they are not given clear answers, for example ‘my love I needed to talk to you, but now not, maybe later…’
  5. When a man doesn’t want to invite his girlfriend to a party, it is probably because -as women also like doing- he just wants to have fun with his friends. However, women usually think they want to cheat.
  6. Men like compliments from women and the one they like the most is ‘I am sure you have a lot of girls’.
  7. When a man wants to propose to his woman, the biggest stress comes when he has to decide the size of the ring.
  8. What hurts a man most is knowing his partner believes her friends more than him.
  9. Men feel frustrated when their girlfriends behave like their mothers and when they are giving orders.
  10. A man usually trusts a woman faster when she has a good sense of humor.
  11. When they like a girl, they think about how having sex with her would be.
  12. A man gives you a rose when he really likes you.
  13. When a man asks a woman to date him, it might look like something improvised, but for sure it is something he has been thinking about for some time.
  14. Something that makes a man loose interest is seeing a girl flirts with other men the same way she does with him.
  15. The other thing that makes them feel frustrated is seeing the girl he likes dating another guy who treats her bad.
  16. If a man visits his partner at her place, whatever the distance is, means he is really in love with her.

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