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International Emoji Day: Here are some of the craziest Emojis created by celebrities

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Emojis have become part of our conversations 1995, when the first emoji, the red heart was created. Emojis have completely altered the way we communicate and it is somehow strange finding someone who doesn’t use them daily, especially in this social media era.

17th of July has been celebrated as the International Day of the Emoji in 2014. 17th of July was picked based on the way the calendar emoji is shown on iPhones.

Some celebrities have over the years created their own emojis. Here is a list:


  1. KIMOJI by Kim Kardashian
  2. Justmoji by Justin Bieber
  3. Chymoji by Blac Chyna
  4. Fetty Wap

5. MuvaMoji by Amber Rose

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6. Rick Ross 

7. Wizmoji by Wiz Khalifa

8. The Game

9.Dennis Graham aka Drake's dad

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10. AriMoji by Ariana Grande

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