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Here is a list of baby names that are no longer fashionable

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Olivia, Sophia, Amelia, Noah, George and Harry may all be riding high in the baby name charts , but this might not be forever.

As odd as it may seem, the name you've given your little one - a name you've probably spent ages deliberating over and put a lot of thought into - may one day be seen as being a bit naff. Or too try-hard. Or dull. It may even one day face extinction - such is the fickle nature of baby name fashions.

Charlie and Isabelle may seem like classics right now, but will they stand the test of time?

Not necessarily. A whole range of 'retro' names which were popular in the seventies and eighties are at risk of dying out.

Let's a take a look at which names are suffering - maybe it will inspire you to bring them back...

1. Gary

Only 33 babies were named Gary in 2014 according to Netmums .

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2. Annette

Whereas Annette has not been chosen by a single parent this year.

    3. Norman

Meaning 'Northern man,' Norman just about made it into the top 3,000 baby names.

4. Elaine

Whereas Elaine has not managed to in recent years.

5. Linda

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An extremely popular choice in the seventies, it's all but fallen out of favour.

6. Susan

Did you know that Susan meant flower? Sadly, other flora-inspired names have take its place, like Daisy, Poppy and Lily.

7. Ronald

Performing slightly better than Norman and Elaine, Ronald manages to (just about) get a place in the top 2000.

8. Carol

No one went for Carol in 2014, and it's since failed to rank highly.

9. Janet

Once a royal favourite in Scotland (albeit 500 years ago), the popularity of this name has been in decline since the 1960s.

10. Nigel

While you may know a Nigel or two, as a name it's fallen outside the top 2,000.

11. Donna

Meaning "woman" in Italian, Donna has been surpassed in popularity by a whopping 3,500-odd more names.

12. Barry

In the UK, Barry has become the 2,079th most chosen name, though it's apparently still popular in Australia.

13. Debbie

Debbie took the 2,464th spot in the 2014 baby names chart.

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