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Here are braid styles you need for the cold weather

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There is nothing annoying like waking up to comb your hair during this cold season because of it shrinking and developing the chemical growth. To avoid dramatic mornings, opt to have your hair braided like Beyoncé’s young sister, Solange. She is known for her unique sense of fashion that is normally unpredictable and trendy. Besides that Solange has captured our attention at the red carpet and performances in her braid hairstyles that have become a worldwide trend. There is no doubt she is among the top trendsetters in the globe like her sister.

Here are five braid hairstyles you can copy from Solange Knowles for the cold season:

  • Long braids

When it comes to normal braids, they can be plaited long or short. Long braids have an advantage because it gives you the chance to style it in many ways.

  • Short braids

If you are not a fan of the long braids, there is an option of plaiting short braids. But they have a disadvantage because it can limit the styling.

  • Unfinished braids

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To make your braids fun and flirty, plait unfinished braids which breaks the norm of doing it till the end and deeping in hot water.



  • Blonde Fulani Braids

Fulani braids are the latest hair trend that is driving most of the ladies gaga and we cannot help but notice how Solange has gone blonde in it.

  • Kinky Braids

They similarly look like dreadlocks and give a Rastafarian vibe that can last for 2-3 months when repaired.

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  • Beaded braids

To add some sauce and spice to your braids, add beads and accessories.

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