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Sneakers at work? Yes you can with these six simple tips


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Sneakers became a ‘must have in your wardrobe’ after the sports fury in the early 20s. Nowadays, they are praised by designers, models and fashion bloggers as everyone wants to boast of the best pairs.

Here are six simple ways to wear sneakers during the day in an official way and also how to slay them in the club during your night out:

  1. White sneakers with skirt

It doesn’t matter if your favorite skirt is mini, long or medium size, a pair of white sneakers will make your outfit look elegant and modern at the same time.

  1.  Huge sneakers with tight clothes

Huge shoes like for example ‘Fila Disruptor’ or ‘Nike AirMax’ are very comfortable and can make your outfit look awesome. However, you should avoid wearing them with baggy clothes as they will make you may look too ‘big.’ Instead, wear them with tight garments andall heads will be turning towards you on the streets.

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  1. With a suit

Wearing a suit doesn’t mean you must combine it with either masculine shoes or high heels. Doing sneakers with a suit makes you look incredicle plus they give you a very comfortable look. ‘Converse’ and ‘Adidas Campus’ are a very good option.

  1. With trousers

Trousers are sneakers best friends. The best way to combine them for an official outfit is using baggy trousers and no socks or pinkies (socks that can’t be seen).

  1. With dresses

Get the most lady outfit by combining a dress with your favorite sneakers. You can use colourful sneakers trying to match with the colours of the dress.

  1. Sneakers with bib overalls

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Only the most daring women will combine these. If you do it well, the result will be a unique vintage look that will cause sensation!

A perfect look: use animal print shoes with basic white t-shirt and jeans bib overalls, a blazer jacket will sum up the look.


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