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These are the shoes that will make your night out lit


Nothing is more fun like dressing up for a night out because of long hours of dancing, unlimited alcohol, fun, getting flirty and laughter. When it comes to looking for the perfect shoe for raving, it has to be sexy, comfortable for you to dance with no struggles and compliment the outfit.

Here are the perfect shoes for a night out that will make you look like a goddess on the dance floor:

  • Mules

This type of shoe made a comeback late last year. If you are not into the 70’s and 80’s fashion, then feel free to choose from a variety of the modern blend like the shimmery gold stiletto. Just slip on and move.

  • Clear sandals

 The time spent on choosing whether this shoe goes with that dress can be saved by the clear sandal.

  • Thigh high boots

There is something cozy but stylish about a thigh-high boot especially the sock boot that hugs the legs all the way up. This also serves to keep you warm.

  • Closed heels

You don’t always have the time to secure pedicures and your toes look a little bit rough. Hence the need to hide them behind this pair of beautiful pointed toe heels. Good thing they can be worn with a gown, dress or pants.

  • Canvas

The actions don’t always happen at the club and I know you and a couple of friends have judged the lady wobbling at the concert grounds or digging the ground with shaper than most slipper stilettos. If the night out involves any active walking on garden grounds, choosing canvas shoes. Even better, have them laced up.

  • Block heel ankle booties

They come through with the timeless plush booties if you intend on standing or being on your feet most part of the night.

  • Platforms

Forget wedges and what not. If you would rather wear your cute little doll shoes but you know you’ll look off, go for the platform heel. It gives you the height without the stress on your feet.

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