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Case of one-minute man: How to make your man last longer in bed

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  • A lot of women complain that their men take a very short time to reach climax while getting intimate
  • Premature ejaculation can become a nightmare for any man

1. Switch positions - Keep on switching positions when getting intimate especially when he tries to stop. The best-recommended method by most experts is the girl-on-top; missionary style makes men stay in bed longer. You can also try something new and ordinary out of your intimate life. New positions will distract him because his body is not anticipating.

2. Try edging - When he is about to reach climax, make him stop. Most experts say that everyone has an 'orgasmic point of no return' but edging will train his body to delay and enable him to spend more time at the edge. The best way to know if a man is about to reach his climax is when he increases his pace. ?

3. Make him ejaculate before getting intimate - Studies show that if a man ejaculates an hour or two before getting intimate, it will help him stay longer in bed before he reaches climax. According to Jane Greer, a relationship expert, "You can build up arousal again with slow and intimate foreplay with your partner, so the guy's excitement is initially satisfied and he can better pace himself and sync up with his partner's rhythm."

4. Use the squeezing technique - Squeezing technique involves stopping a man from ejaculating by squeezing the manhood muscles to cut off the flow of urine. Squeezing it at the base of its head also helps reduce sensation, hence slows down the process of ejaculation.

5. Distraction - When you feel like he is about to reach climax, distract him. This may involve withdrawing his manhood during intimacy to prevent ejaculation. A man can also choose to distract himself by taking his mind off everything when he is about to ejaculate.

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