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5 tips to help you choose stylish Ankara designs

  • More of us in Kenya are embracing made to measure outfits as opposed to ready to wear and second hand clothes for the special occasions or even our everyday wear.
  • While doing it for the culture, fashionistas are going for the stylish, top of the range designs as opposed to “meet my parents” type of designs.

Choosing designs can be a pretty tough decision for most people as you don’t know what to really go for or what might work for your body. Here are some of the tips to offer you a little guidance:

1. Get a good designer and seamstress who will advise you truthfully on the design and your body type and bring the dress to life with the intention of making it a unique piece.

2. Vibrant colors of your fabric will enhance the design, be patient when choosing and ensure this enriches your skin color.

3. Know your body Type and keep it familiar from the other clothes you have in your wardrobe. For Fabric that doesn’t stretch, do not try being ambitious, make an outfit that enables you to move and leaves little allowance.

4. A flattering cut will make your crafted outfit modern, with just enough distinctiveness.

5. Make it chic & simple because simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.

You can definitely make anything out of fabric with a good tailor; jumpsuit, dress, gorgeous tops, jackets, you name it.

By Natacha Baco is a label that prides itself in paying attention to detail and bringing out chic designs from anything.

They are on Facebook, BY NATACHA BACO.

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