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These hairstyles will keep your hair healthy and prevent hair loss


When it comes to styling your hair, there is a lot that needs to be considered. Is the weather favorable? Is my hair strong enough to have such a weave? Is my style going to favor my hairline? And the list is endless. We are in the rainy season and it’s quite challenging for the ladies because of their hair. If they have open hair specifically, it’s hell. Once your hair is rained on it shrinks and it can lead to massive hair loss. Why go through that struggle when there are protective styles that got you?

Below are protective hairstyles:

With Cornrows, you can never go wrong!
If you feel the push-back cornrows are too common for you, get creative with such
Crotchet is a plus and it will only need you to style
Give some twist and flavor with an extension
Keep it simple and chic in a braid extension

Model: Janette Gedeon

Suzie Mwaura from Treywayn Salon

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