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Diana Marua steps out looking all glam and yummy after welcoming baby

Bahati and wife, Diana Marua

Diana Marua and gospel artist Bahati were the talk of town on Valentine’s day. The duo welcomed their baby girl, heaven Bahati. Days after her delivery, the unforgiving netizens really trolled and body-shamed Marua. But all the negative energy directed to her doesn’t seem to have put her down.

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This is because she, for the first time stepped out all smiles and looking all glam. Truth be told, she already back in shape and almost back to her slaying ways. Diana posted a photo of her happy self holding a baby( we assume must be little Heaven Bahati) accompanied by a smiley emoji for a caption.

Her fan base was evidently stunned by this photo if the comments are anything to go by.

Here is her photo looking all glam:

Diana captured the very first time after delivery


Some of the comments:

Sheriiabruno-Cute bae

nicolasmulwa654-Looking xmart

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geek_ice-Cuteness overload

miss_lynn_m-Pretty.. i lov ua outfit..mama heaven




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