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Here is what men with huge manhoods have to deal with

My Man

At one point in life, we have all thought about the size of the manhood. Having a sizeable man-hood is often seen as an added advantage. This is due to the stereotype that guys with a big ‘dudu’ are the real ‘bedroom bullies’. However, having a big penis have a downside to it that only guys with one can relate to/with .

Here are some of the struggles they have to deal with:

Difficulty in sitting:

Due to the long member, they have to very limited sitting positions options. Most of the time you are forced to sit with your legs extremely apart, which is not very comfortable especially when you are to sit for long hours.

? Swimming in public is not something you look forward to:

With an extra big dick, finding a fitting swim pant is next to impossible. But even if you find and settle on one, you do not want to get in the water then come out with it clinging to your body like it’s life depends on it.  We all know why..

You could get aroused at the wrong time:

 Imagine sitting in an interview or when you are having a chit-chat with your parents-in-law then, pshhh!! You get an erection. This can be pretty embarrassing for dudes with a big manhood since it is very hard to hide it.

Penetration could kill someone’s daughter:

You have to go slow when it comes to ‘bedminton’. Penetrating a woman when you have a big manhood can be pretty painful for the woman. Therefore, finding a woman who is pretty comfortable with your size during intimacy can be hard and tricky.

Sweatpants are a no! no:

Sweatpants are comfy and the ideal relaxing pants. But due to the nature of their material, they are not meant for guys with a pig Mr. John not unless you are advertising yourself.

Having a big manhood has its advantages too and many more disadvantages. Above are just but the common ones that guys have 5to deal with.

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