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The weird mistakes men make when handling their boxers


We are all familiar with a boxer or rather if you do not know what it is. A boxer is an undergarment worn by men that looks like a short. Our men need to learn how to handle the inner garments. There are common mistakes made by our men when it comes to their boxers, it’s not just the ladies.

The simple mistakes include:

  • Wearing wet boxers- why would you wear a wet boxer to your destination? Don’t feel that weird moisture surfacing the area? We do not understand why men do that and to make matters worse this wet boxer brings about a bad odor.
  • Failure to wash the boxers- can we call it laziness? There is a clique of men that do not wash their boxers, they can go for as long as a month or two without washing. Your wife or girlfriend has been complaining about some odor and it’s your boxers boxing out the erotic smell.

  • Showing them off when sagging- just pull your pants up and walk decently, man. We do not need to see your puffed checked boxers hanging from the trouser. It does not hurt to tuck it in.  

  • Repeating the same boxers- men are just one of a kind, they can repeat the same boxer for one month or more till it starts ripping off and that is why at times we might gift them with a set of new boxers during an anniversary or for their birthdays. Just as like the ladies need to replace their inner wears that should apply to men too, you do not want to find yourself all itchy down there because it will be so uncomfortable.

Ladies, if your man is a victim of this buy him more and maybe talk to him about it. If you are sweet enough, you can go ahead and wash them. Don't let your man walk around in the CBD in a wet boxer, torn boxers or sugging them out. Take good care of your man's grooming.

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