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Ten things that men who value their women do

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  • There is no perfect marriage and the people that hurt you most are those you love most. While your husband may not be perfect and will once in a while get into your nerves, you should give credit where it is due.
  • There are those things couples do for each other that keep the fire burning in their relationship or marriage.

If your husband is one of those guys who go out to please you and help, then he truly loves and values you. To be sure, here are 10 signs he holds your feelings in high regard.

  1. He is loyal

He is like an open book to you. He has nothing to hide and you know everything that is going on in his life and what he is doing.

  1. He knows your taste

By now he understands what makes you smile and what makes you tick. He knows what you like and will always give you that when he can.

  1. He remembers special days

Women value anniversaries, birthdays and other special days because they hold special meaning. If he remembers these days, he truly values what you have.

  1. You laugh together

If you hang out just the two of you like old friends and still find things to laugh at and have fun together, it is a fine thing you have.

  1. He respects your feelings

No matter how different your opinions or views may be, he still takes into account how you feel. If he hurts you he will apologize and make amends.

  1. Helps with housework

If you find him coming to offer a hand without you asking him to in washing dishes, cooking or looking after the kids, he truly loves you.

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  1. He offers a shoulder to cry on

Women are emotional beings and there are days you will feel sad and want someone to be there for you. If he helps you to feel better and does everything to help you, he is a keeper.

  1. He loves how you look

No matter what time of day it is, he adores how you look even when you’re fresh out of bed. He will still tell you, you are beautiful.

  1. He takes your side

No matter what you have done he is the first person to defend and stand up for you. It is you and him against the world.

  1. He makes you better

If a man truly loves you he will never accept any self-hate talk from you. He will refute your silly hate talk and boost your confidence by encouraging you.

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