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Of boyfriends who take forever to text back

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Why are men so bad at texting? It is funny how a number of them always have their phones within arm’s reach at all times, yet never seem to find the time to text back their women. Are men still utterly clueless on just how much delayed call or text-backs upset women or they simply don’t give a damn?

Every woman can attest to what a nerve-racking ordeal it is to text a man and have it go unanswered. It is sheer torture. You just sit there and start to chronically over analyse why he isn’t texting you back, while staring blankly at your phone, wishing for it to make that beloved ding sound. It doesn’t.

You start to speculate about what is taking him so long to text you back. Does he ever think about you? If he did, why hasn’t he reached out to you? Why does he send back short, vague replies when you send him long, sentimental messages? He must not be as into you as you have led yourself to believe. That must be it. There is no other explanation.

It is not that he is preoccupied at that moment. It is because he is not interested. Or worse, maybe he has his eyes set on another girl and she is the one getting all of his attention. If he is not seeing someone else, he is not texting back because you are not important to him. Then he confirms your worst fears by liking a photo on Instagram or retweeting something on Twitter.

So HE IS on his phone and has seen your text. He is snubbing you! There is nothing nearly as painful as realising that the guy you are head-over-heels in love with is deliberately snubbing you.

Look, fellas, we totally get it. Really, we do. You function differently from us. You have a tendency to get absorbed in whatever task is at hand, and when you are in that mode, nothing else exists outside of it. When you don’t text back, it is because you probably have something more important in mind, like chasing that 'mullah'.

We understand that you have a life of your own that isn’t completely anchored around the use of technological devices. However, we wish you would try to understand what a big deal this is and why we get offended when you don’t text us back or take hours to do so.

Women like to hear from the men they love during the day when they are at work. If you want to make her day, send her a random text asking her how her day is going. Is that really too much to ask?

It takes seconds to compose and send a text. It is not like your job or business will come crumbling down just because you took a few seconds to send your girl a text.

Another thing that would make a world of difference in this texting and calling conundrum is clarifying missed calls and unanswered texts. While we understand that you might have been too busy to text us or call us back, we appreciate it when at the end of the day or whenever you finally get around to contacting us, you make a point of letting us know that you got caught up in work and you’re sorry it took you so long to get back at us.

Don’t just come back and act like everything is A-Okay when you have been ignoring us for two days straight.

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