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Decorate your house with purple, the colour of the year

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The colour gods have made the decision this year as they do every year. If you are not familiar with colour trends, Pantone Colour Institute is a company that decides which colours will rule the world annually. Just before we learned how to infuse last year’s colour greenery in our décor, they have picked ultra-violet purple for 2018! Ultra-violet purple is described by Pantone as “inventive, imaginative and lights the way for what is yet to come”. Ultra-violet is a beautiful shade and if you love purple, we will show you how to infuse it in your space.


1. Purple flowers

This is by far the easiest way to add some ultra-violet purple to your home décor. Pick or buy flowers in this shade. New colours can be hard to process but small steps like adding flowers will help you acquire the taste faster. Get some lavenders, orchids or purple hyacinth to accent your coffee table or your console tables.


2. Mix it with other colours

To tone down the purple haze, mix in some accent colours like yellow, blue, chartreuse, orange as well as neutrals and gold or silver. The shade of purple you use will determine which accent works best. Remember purple is a strong colour so keep everything else neutral.

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3. Do not stick to the script

Ultra-violet in itself is a cool purple but if you want a warm and cosy space, play around a little. Pair your purples with shades of warm purple and burgundy on a background of neutrals.


4. Regal bedroom

Purple has always been a regal colour saved for the royals. Give your bedroom a palatial feel with purple furniture, bedding, curtains or accents. You can use ultra-violet purple, dark and moody shades of purple or a mix of bot.


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5. Purple kitchen

Did you know painting a kitchen purple helps you lose weight? Purple suppresses your appetite and makes you want to eat less. If you are looking to lose weight this year this is the colour to splash on your kitchen and dining area walls.

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