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A man who cares about you will be excited to let everyone know about you


Meeting your sweetheart’s friends and family is a significant milestone in a relationship. It is especially a big deal to women. It means you have passed the test. You are no longer just a fling and the relationship is progressing into more serious territory.

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Being introduced to your beau’s inner circle signifies that he is proud of the relationship and wants the people closest to him to know about you. This is why it is so disconcerting to realise, after going out with a guy for a while, that you have never met any of his friends or family.

If a man is serious about you, you are going to be introduced to his friends and family because he wants to know what they think of you.

Meeting his friends doesn’t require an occasion. More often than not, it is not planned. It happens naturally after you have been going out for a while. You could just be hanging out with him and his friends drop by and you get to meet them.

So, if it has been a few months and you notice that you have never met any of his friends, it is most probably deliberate. He is purposefully hiding you from all the people he cares about.

If he only invites you around when his friends and family are conveniently not around, then I am sorry to tell you that you are just a temporary fling.

In my opinion, if you have been seeing each other for three months, you should at the very least have met his closest friends. I know that introducing your significant other to your family members is a huge step and shouldn’t be rushed.

But introducing them to your friends, like I said, doesn’t need an occasion. If he shows no interest in bringing you around his friends, he has no plans of progressing with you.

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The most common reason why men hide relationships is because they are cheating on you or are cheating on someone else with you. If a man gets angry and defensive every time you suggest meeting his friends and family, definitely know that he is seeing other women.

He is probably trying to protect the woman his friends and family already know.

After the three-month mark, you have a right to demand an explanation why he is keeping you from his friends and family. You should ask him point blank if they know you exist. He will probably come up with excuses about why you haven’t met them yet, but just know that if he hasn’t bothered to tell anyone about you by that time, he is just not that into you.

When you realise that he has no intentions of introducing you any time soon, let him go and move on with your life. No amount of begging and crying is going to change his mind. You should never have to force a man to introduce you to the people who matter to him.

If he doesn’t do it on his own volition, let him go.  A man who truly cares about you will be excited to let everyone know about you. Before you let a man into your life, make sure he actually wants you in his too.

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