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Women with bleached skin and stretch marks stopped from recruiting in Ghana

The Immigration department of Ghana have disqualified women applicants with stretch marks, bleached skin and surgery cuts from its recruitment process.

Quoting the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) spokesperson Michael Amoako-Attah, the BBC reported that the department defended the criteria saying that it was vital as it guaranteed the safety and wellbeing of their staff.

“If you have bleached skin or surgical marks on your body during training exercises, you may incur some bleeding and that wouldn’t help or augur well for the safety of the applicant, because we have seen it before and as much as possible we should avoid re-occurrence,” Amoako is quoted to say.

A section of the country’s citizens condemned the criteria terming it sexist and unfair. The GIS received over 84, 000 applications for its 500 jobs in a recruitment exercise that also saw those with dreadlocks, tattoos and bow legs get disqualified.

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