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8 reasons why you shouldn’t pull out grey hairs


While sprouting grey hair is a sign of old age, this isn't always necessarily true. More and more people are getting grey hair at a younger age, as young as 22! Not exactly a pretty sight more so for the younger people, resorting to desperate measures comes easily.

According to US News, premature graying problem is largely genetic. Hair follicles contain pigment cells that produce melanin which gives your tresses their color. When your body stops generating melanin, hair presents itself as grey, white, or silver. Other causes related to greying include stress and lifestyle.

When it reaches that point of almost no return, it can be tempting to pull out any grey emerging hair but is it the answer? Here are 8 reasons why that might not be a good idea. 

 1. It is not a permanent solution. Pulling out the grey hair might get rid of it at the moment, but the hair follicle is still grey and will grow back that way.   2. It will damage your hair texture. Each time you pull out a grey hair, you risk ruining the natural texture of your hair. New growth is then likely to become wiry. 3. Constantly plucking hair from your scalp will eventually damage your hair follicles permanently. That is never a good look.  4. Another downside to plucking your hair is that it damages the roots of your hair. This could lead to hair not growing back permanently. Having grey hair is definitely better than having hairless patches on your head. Don’t you agree? 5. Cutting the grey strand of hair with a pair of scissors is a much safer option than plucking. You may cut away all you want so long as you avoid plucking. 6. It is a total waste of your time. There are definitely better things to do than standing in front of the mirror singling out your grey hairs. We all get grey hair at some point so why not embrace it? 7. Grey hair is cool. Have you seen the trends lately? More and more people are dying their hair just sport that grey look so, love yours! 8. Coloring your hair is a safer and more effective alternative. While pulling out grey hairs will do damage to your hair at some point, coloring it every four to six weeks is easy to do and minimizes damage.

Bottom line, accept the changes in your body and as soon you do, you will soon forget about them. Make it work and make it believable that everyone will be fooled to think it is your personal style. If it really bothers you, consider coloring your hair then. It is not a permanent solution but offers reprieve for some time.

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