Evewoman : How to manage that stubborn cold


8 ways to deal and manage that pesky cold


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  • The rainy season is here with us and you know what that means. It is flu season!
  • While there is really no defined cure for the common cold, with a mix of over the counter medicine – if you choose to take, and with some natural remedies and simple procedures, you can easily manage your cold.

Here is a simple cheat sheet you can use to nip that bud in the head for a quick recovery.

  1. Get Plenty of Rest

On the first day of your cold, call in sick if you can and spend the day resting. You can curl up in bed or on the sofa watching TV or reading some books. The rest will give your body a chance to fight off the virus without necessarily taking any medication. Let your body heal itself.

  1. Gargle

Moistening a sore throat will give you some relief and you can do this by gargling. Use hot water up to the temperature you can manage and dissolve a teaspoon of salt. You can also gargle using a mixture of one tablespoon of lemon juice, two cups of hot water and a teaspoon of honey. Let the mixture cool and you can gargle up to four times a day.

  1. Treat Your Fever

Your body temperature rises as your body tries to fight off the cold. You can treat the fever with over the counter medicine such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen or naproxen. If it gets unbearable, consult your doctor.

  1. Blow Your Nose Correctly

Not blowing your nose and sniffing it back to your head can cause congestion. Blowing your nose too hard also causes pressure that may lead to earache and headaches. Always blow your nose gently with a finger on one nostril and blowing mucus through the other.

  1. Treat Your Cough

For fast relief, use an over the counter treatment for that cough. This will turn your mucus into liquid so you can easily cough it up. Another healthier alternative is to drink hot water with a mixture of sage, lemon and honey.

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  1. Drink Warm Liquids

Taking warm liquids such as soup helps with dehydration as well as decongesting your nose. Warm liquids also soothe the inflamed membranes lining your nose and throat.

  1. Take a Steamy Shower

If your nose is stuffed up, go to the bathroom and take a steamy shower. Make sure that the bathroom fills up with steam. This will moisten your nasal passages as well as help you relax. If you are too dizzy from the flu, you can have a chair to sit on as you take a sponge bath.

     8. Take a Lozenge

For a scratchy throat, make sure to suck on a soothing lozenge.  It moistens your throat and can also help quieten your cough.

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