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Too busy to apply make up? Here are a few quick make up tricks

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For all you busy women out there who want a simple and less-complicated morning beauty routine, here are ways to help you slice precious minutes off your schedule. These quick makeup tricks will make you gorgeous in no time.


Get organised


Select the top five fabulous makeup products you absolutely love to wear and put them in your morning beauty bag.


Customise your daily look

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Choose neutral colours that will complement any outfit. This will become your signature look. You won’t even have to think twice in the morning as you create a consistent work of art.


Even out your skin tone


Mix some of your moisturiser with your foundation, and keep this with you always. This way, your skin will get moisture and you will get flawless and smooth skin instantly.


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Focus on the three E’s


If you’re in a serious rush (or you’ve hit the alarm's snooze button too many times), just focus on the three E’s — eyebrows, eyeliner, and eyelashes. Brush and fill in brows, line your eyes using eyeliner, and slowly wiggle a mascara wand through your lashes for definition. If you’ve got under-eye darkness, a quick touch of concealer may be necessary.


Perfect your pout


Lip colour is the easiest way to make your lips stand out and the options are limitless. Choose a natural shade or one with a pop of colour to compliment your outfit. Remember the lesser pigment there is in a lip colour, the easier it is to apply. With a natural shade, you can safely apply well even without looking at a mirror.


Ruthie Kinuthia is a professional makeup artist and founder of Makeup by Ruthie. Reach her on [email protected]





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