Evewoman : Eight mistakes parents make that contribute to bad parenting


Eight mistakes parents make that contribute to bad parenting

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  • I believe every parent wants to be an epitome of perfection when it comes to matters parenting.
  • Once you give birth, everyone in your circle has tips on how to become a perfect parent, everyone (even those with no kids of themselves) has an opinion on how you should raise your kid.

Sometimes the pressure is too much and the opinions offered tend to be confusing. In that hullabaloo as a parent you may end up picking wrong advice.  It is therefore advisable to be careful on what advice you pick. Also note that all children can never be the same. Different people have different ways of raising their kids. However, all said and done, there are some mistakes that parents make unconsciously. Here are some:

  1. Fail to check-in

It is okay to be confident and positive about your kids behaving themselves even when you are not around. However, calling people who are with your kids to find out how they (your kids) are behaving is very paramount. This will help keep your kids on toes always. Michelle Obama gave this as a parenting tip a while ago.

  1. Not limiting screen time

Sometimes parents fail to limit children’s screen time. This could be TVs, phones, video games, computer games etc. as a parent you should set a limit so that you kids can be in touch with their social side as well. They should go out and play physical games with their age mates.

  1. Not letting your child get bored

Some parents go out of their way to buy things that they think will keep their kids busy 24/7 without getting bored. From toys to gadgets. This should not be the case. Children should be left to experience boredom. This way, they become creative; they invent things to do to beat boredom.

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  1. Not saying nice things about your kids

Like former US president Barrack Obama said, do not focus only on the wrongs that your kids do. Compliment them often. This helps in boosting their confidence.

  1. Not Letting your kids to blossom

This could mean less time with you. Sometimes parents just want to spend time with their children. However, for your kids to develop a life of themselves, they need to get off your shadow. You have to let them go.

  1. Not trusting your parenting skills

You should always have confidence in your parenting skills. Sometimes your kids may distance themselves from you but don’t beat yourself up, don’t go asking for parenting advice from everyone, it could be just a stage. They’ll come back to you when they’re a little older.

  1. Not being a role model

Children tend to learn through copying those close to them. You can’t be scolding your child to finish their share of food whereas you never finish your serving. As a parent you have to lead by example. Be what you want your kids to be.

  1. Shying away from crucial topics like sex

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It is unfortunate that in today’s world parents shy away from sex talks yet children as young as 8 are engaging in it. As a parent you should be the first person your child hears sex from. Don’t leave that responsibility to teachers, it is your responsibility.

As parent, just lead by example and be the best you can for your child(ren). No human is perfect hence no parent is perfect. You are bound to make mistakes but let those not put you down, instead learn from them and become better.

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