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4 Beauty Tips for frequent flyers and travellers

Fashion and Beauty

You probably travel a lot either by air or otherwise; you could say half your life is like that of a bird and this means no time to rest to consider your beauty care. Has anyone actually found the perfect skincare routine to get them through the dry environment at 30,000 feet in the air? How do air hostesses manage to follow their beauty routine while up in the air? The following tips are based on the skincare regimen used by Emirates Cabin Crew, so you can rest assured this advice is air tight.


DIY Rosewater Spritz for Hydration

Being high up on a plane for over 8 hours, without natural air, wind or humidity around, can do a number on your skin. A good face mask, ideally one of clay, three times a week can help to rejuvenate your skin and moisturize it. The Emirates cabin crew also makes a DIY Rosewater mist that they spritz every few hours during a journey and is a great way to maintain your skin hydrated both over and under the make up.

Moisturize prior to your journey

Ever noticed how most cabin crew, regardless of the airline, always have perfect make up even after a nine-hour flight? Their faces look no different from when you first boarded and still have that glow. Although you may be exhausted and have dark circles beneath your eyes to prove it, their secret lies in moisturizing properly prior to the journey. Moisturising the skin well before applying makeup will ensure no dehydrated skin when you arrive at your destination.

Drink water and treat your body well

Being confined to a metallic bird 30,000 feet up in the air for over 12 hours will take a toll on you and your body. Hydration is key, and it's not always about what you put on your skin; drinking as much water and green tea as you can during a flight will help fight fatigue and dull skin too. Drinking green tea rather than coffee will keep your caffeine levels up without dehydrating. Also, do some stretching once in a while to keep your blood flowing – this will save you aching joints and swollen toes when you arrive at your destination.


Keep it light and simple Cabin crew obviously get to travel far and wide, so their journey is rarely done after the flight is over. Arriving at a new destination means acclimatizing to the weather, time difference and  they often don't have time to completely redo their makeup. There’s no time for a full dramatic look, complete with contour and big lashes, and so it’s best to simply go for your favourite lipstick and put a little bit of concealer. 

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