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Yes!! There are successful ‘mpango wa kando’s’ courtesy of your husbands

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There’s something called a successful clandestine. This will come as a surprise to many wives. Many live in denial and accepting such a thing can be equated to admitting that their marriage is in flames. But whether we say it or decide to bury our heads in the sand, some facts will just remain; there are successful clandes in our midst.

The issue of time spend with the man is an Si unit of measuring the success or failure of a clande.If a man spends more time with a clande than with his legally wedded wife with whom they have a beautiful home, children and lots of property together, then the clande has made it.It may come as a shocker but out of the blue the clande will be promoted to the higher status of being a wife. The wife may be divorced or she will join the growing mob of wives with co wives.

 A successful clande lives a life of comfort, luxury and pleasure. It’s illegal for a clande to live in abject poverty. If a clande accepts to live in a match box size apartment, eat unbalanced diet, shop at road side stalls and still entertain a married man, then her foolishness is over and above the accepted foolishness standards. A clande can’t give up a life of being a properly married woman to live miserably with a married man.

Being known by a man’s people also shows that a clande is successful. It shows that the man takes the woman very seriously and she is not a regular woman. That is sufficient proof that when the coin of good fortune rolls and turns her way, then she will not be a clande. However, clandes ought to be alert and shun men who take every Jane, Mary and Susan to his parents yet he has no plans of marrying them.

When a man buys for a clande property in her name and develops the property it’s enough to say she is successful. If like that handsome man in Being Mary Jane he says “If you need anything, all you need to do is ask, then that love is overflowing like the banks of River Nzoia in Budalangi. This is where clandes who have been taking less in the name of loving married men should take notes. It’s time clandes raised the bar and stop being used and taken without a sweat or much effort from the married man.

The idea of success will not be complete without babies in the picture. It is only successful clandes who have the wisdom to discern between married men who can make good or mediocre fathers. It’s of no use for a clande to struggle and have a baby for a man whom she will need to run after to get child support. You see, life is so sweet and enjoyable to struggle with a married man over child support. However, successful ones know the men who can bring the world to their feet with just a bouncing baby. And that ladies and gentlemen is what brings forth successful clandes.

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