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How I handle my long distance relationship

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You know that excitement you get when you start dating someone, and they just happen to be one of the people you've ever allowed to actually get close enough to you till you just had to let them know everything about you.

That feeling of wanting to shout at the top of voice that you finally found the person you want to be with for your happily ever after.

I felt like that, not long ago, actually some months ago, I see all my friends around me with their significant others and they look Oh So Happy. I experience their ups and downs and sometimes I find myself being the mediator for their tedious arguments, and as tiring as all that is, I envy it, I wish I could do that on a daily basis: The tedious arguing, the unnecessary PDA, literally everywhere that makes those around us roll their eyes so much.

You see, I have my significant other, thousands of miles away and I could never ask for anyone better. When I got myself into this relationship, It was purely out of what I wanted, what I want, what I know I will always want, he just happened to so far away.

I have had to answer the questions, “Is he even real?", “Why would you date someone so far away?", "Are you seriously wasting your time with this 'relationship'?". I have had friends try to convince to move on with my life and get myself in a realistic relationship, and some guys have actually offered to be my "in-house boyfriend", that is, I have them as my boyfriend here until I get to be with my actual boyfriend....There are so many people who have tried to discourage me because I am apparently being unrealistic and quite dumb.

To be honest, in another world, they maybe right, the difference between that reality and the one I am in is that I am in a love with the one person I chose the first time I met him, it's very cliche and very against my personality but I chose him then, I choose him now and I will always choose him, proof of this lies with my past two breakups which were all because I couldn't let go, because I refused to let go.

He happens to be one of the most amazing people I have ever met, patient, caring, calm and challenging, and it doesn't hurt that he is like super fine.

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I won't lie and say its all hearts and daisies, long distance relationships are super sucky, the distance is draining and sometimes depressing and you have to hold on to the thoughts of you being with him and all the moments you will have and the memories you will create to add on to the moments that you had before you had to separate.

It seems almost impossible to do and believe me, it is very painful, pretty much always, but when he's worth it, it's worth every minute you spend away from each other waiting for the moment you get together.

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