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Finally: An enjoyable sex life for the woman for the affected

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The clitoral restoration surgery is an operation aimed at reversing female genital mutilation (FGM) procedure. Often times, the FGM procedure involves cutting the tip of the clitoris, resulting in scar tissue.

This means that most of the clitoris is still buried beneath the scar tissue, which results to lose of sensation. To reverse the procedure, the surgeon opens up the scar tissue and brings out the buried part of the clitoris to the surface.

Effects of FGM

1. The woman does not enjoy intimacy

2. The woman loses her self-esteem

3. Causes obstructed labour

4. Can lead to fistula due to tearing during childbirth

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5. Can cause bladder and kidney infections

6. In some cases it can block the menstrual flow

What clitoral restoration surgery hopes to achieve:

1. Get back sensuality

2. An enjoyable sex life for the woman

3. Normal looking genitalia

4. Restored identity and self-esteem

5. Prevent obstructed labour during child birth

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