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The agony of being a rich man

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We have been socialised to believe that getting rich is life’s greatest achievement. So much that, and truth be told, we are all dying to be rich. However, contrary to popular belief, the rich, just like the poor, have lots of problems. In fact, chances are high that there are more rich people who’re miserable than those who’re poor.

Sages aptly captured it when they coined the phrase, “more money, more problems”. One of the most common problem that you face as a rich man is telling real friends apart from fake friends. Reason being, the more money you make, the more attention you get, some of which is from strangers who only need assistance from you.

Consequently, it becomes extremely difficult for you to make simple decisions such as whom to date or marry. Let’s face it, a rich man always has more women jostling for his attention than his poor counterparts. As a result, when you are a rich man, it becomes relatively difficult for you to marry. You remain unmarried for long, hence tags such as ‘eligible bachelor’. And even when you marry, you still have more temptation, with your financial circumstances making it very easy for you to succumb to them.

Your marital status notwithstanding, more and more women throw themselves at you. And in the process, you start comparing your wife to them. That, coupled with the manly itch for sexual conquests and desire to immortalise yourself by propagating your progeny, makes it even easier for you to cheat on your woman.

With that state of affairs, separation or divorce becomes very likely. Ever wondered why separation and divorce are very common among the rich or popular individuals, commonly referred to as celebs around her, such as musicians or media guys? What’s more, most of their relationships, too, hardly last, and when they do, they are always a hot mess, with one partner, mostly the woman, always miserable.

That a good number of rich men have controversial love lives is an open secret. And as a rich man, one of your biggest worries is always whether your girlfriend or wife really loves you or your money. When God blesses you with kids, one of the greatest fear is how they will turn out. Will they be spoilt brats? With everything coming to them on a silver platter, will I manage to inculcate in them the spirit of hard work?

Besides that, you worry about your health. Ever seen a rich man gamble with his health? They always fly abroad for medication. I mean, you want to live longer and enjoy your wealth, which you can’t if you have ill health, you know. As a rich man, if disease doesn’t kill you, boredom might. Look, you have all the time to idle around, seeing as there are people and technology ready to do things for you.

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