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Five things you should know about your newborn

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Newborns are very delicate. Here are five common things you should know about your baby.

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Their skin will peel

They lived in water for 9 months as a result their skin will get dry and start peeling when they are born. It will annoy you but it is neither painful nor itchy. If you cannot ignore it, use a mild moisturizer. It will clear up after a few weeks.

No poop for days

This is a very common occurrence especially for exclusively breastfed babies. Breastmilk has very little waste and as a result, they can go for days without a number two. It is perfectly normal as long as you are getting more than two wet diapers per day. But prepare for a diaper explosion in a few days.

The soft spot

Parents are usually terrified of the soft spot on top of their baby's heads. It pulsates because it sits on blood vessels that cover brain. It is safe to touch and wash the area during bath time.

Keeping the umbilical cord clean

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The stub usually falls off in two weeks but even after it falls off you have to keep the area clean and dry for it to heal quicker. Use cotton wool and surgical spirit to clean any minor bleeding, which is also common.

Sleeps more than she eats

New mothers usually find themselves checking to see if the baby is breathing in the first few days because newborns go hours without food because they sleep for hours. But don't let this fool you, they sleep in short intervals. Don't worry if the baby feeds for five minutes and sleeps for 2-3 hours. It's normal.



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