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Why we blame men for big butt, curves, ‘bleaching’ and socialite craze

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In the last two years or so, there has been an influx of young girls going around town, masquerading as socialites and others as models (never mind most, when they are not pint-sized, are rotund!)

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The madness doesn’t end there. Some of these socialites/models take the game a notch higher; they compete for attention online by either posing in their underwear or nude.

Okay, well, I am no judge. But surely, what is this world coming to?

A while back, there was an uproar after one of the so-called socialites lightened her skin (I like the way Kenyans bluntly put it; bleaching). Personally, I chose to ignore the whole story. Reason?

The character in question is a grown woman; at her age she must be knowing the dangers and consequences of “bleaching”. From skin cancer, kidney failure and whatnot.

However, a few days ago I got reeled back into the topic of women who use erotic capital to get ahead in life after I got into a heated debate with a male friend over the matter. What exactly makes women think they can get ahead in life by improving or changing their looks and ‘cultivating’ hips and curves on their bodies?

Interestingly, everywhere you turn you are likely to see ladies working so hard to look beautiful, and to fit into the current profile of what is considered “beautiful”, “cute” or desirable”.

Changing tastes

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Unfortunately, men are not making it easy; they keep changing their tastes and preferences! Men! Cases of women doing crazy things in order to gain curves, big buttocks, lightening their skins or even posing nude to get men’s attention are rampant, especially on the internet.

These cases are so common that some women now believe they have a free pass in life if they had the hourglass figure, long Indian hair, ‘perfect’ fake nails, and that they don’t have to work hard in school or in their careers.

Why wouldn’t they, after all the amount of attention socialites or self-proclaimed models get from men on a daily basis, is mind boggling.

Watching an online video clip of one of these clowns masquerading as socialites, I was, eh, well, let me just say entertained.

She was ‘educating’ ‘primitive’ Kenyans the difference between skin lightening and bleaching! She proceeded to quote a mind-boggling figure for the amount the skin lightening procedure, her weaves, shoes and whatnot cost her. What a joke? Ha! And guess what, some Kenyans took it to heart! They believed the lies. What does she take us for? So she thinks we were born yesterday?

Set standards

However, let’s flip this argument around. Why are these women doing all this? Surely men, you see what you make women go through? Apparently, “yellow yellow” is the standard of beauty these days. Further that the same people who were chastising her for the procedure are still her very loyal followers on social media.

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I mean how else would you explain hundreds of views of her interview on YouTube, yet her fame is solely based on the size of her butt! So you can guess who is having the last laugh.

I just believe that if anyone is to blame for this trend where women will do anything and everything, even risk their lives to be “trendy and beautiful”, it is men.

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Believe me, it is men who set the standards of beauty.

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