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When kids just can’t get along

My Man
 Photo; Courtesy

Maybe the lunch was a bad idea. Maybe they are just kids, they will warm up to each other pretty soon. Maybe, Farah took after her mother. Maybe Ryan is being badly brought up by her mother. But it was a bad start.

Ryan, who is six years old and Farah who is five are step-siblings, a reminder that your past never runs from you. They are pretty kids, and can make for a perfect family portrait. But there is some level of incongruity.

Some lack of chemistry. You think kids are honest with each other and they don't have to lie that they care about each other. They play with their tablets, not willing to talk to each other.

This is a complete new zone you find yourself in. You can't read Farah's mind, but you are thinking about how these two kids' fate is inextricably intertwined from now on.

Farah now is in your custody and Ryan's mother can't give you the kid. It is her way of getting back at you and you refused to swallow the bait.

But at least she lets the kid spend time with the father from time to time, for which you are thankful. You like that kid. You don't like the mother. And you know many men like you.

"Do you think they will ever get along some time?" you ask nervously.

"Mmh, that depends on us. We should ensure that they bond more often," offers Carol. But you can sense that she doesn't like this arrangement. She can't wait for Farah to reach boarding school age for her to throw him in that prison. Carol enjoys the privacy of just the two of you. She finds the kids too intrusive, and she has said as much.

On your own, you like the kids. If they could get along, the better. And you want them to get along as soon as possible. You don't want them freezing during family get-togethers where they can't behave like brother and sister.

And it sucks introducing children as brother and sister, yet one can determine they don't get along. Maybe they need more siblings. Tough choice.

That means you will soon be paying school fees. And women nowadays want the best schools for their children. And that means, your marriage is already half-way through. Because part of the fun is starting from scratch when it comes to making babies.

But Carol, seems the least bothered about anything and is momentarily very happy. And you are somewhat withdrawn. Other things are bothering you. Her stupid ex keeps bothering you.

You have this feeling that he may want to hurt her once again and he never liked you from the start. Your manoeuvres to take the child didn't go down well. You suspect he may be back to even the score. You hope not. But you never know.

For now, time for your family to get to know each other well. You want to force the kids to start talking to each other.

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