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Ladies, once a cheat, always a cheat! Dump him, move on

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A while back I was out with my colleague and our conversation veered into matters cheating.

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According to him, some women don’t mind that much about men who cheat. And that some women naturally expect their men to cheat, so they are always waiting to catch them.

The conversation went like: “If a man cheats these days, it does not matter because at the end of the day ladies always forgive because they expect it, anyway.”

“I am not being malicious or anything, I have so many friends who are cheating. I mean if every chick ditched their man because of cheating, no one would be in a relationship,” my male colleague said.

Partly agree

How delusional of him? I thought. However, it hit me and I partly agree with him because ‘clandes’ and cheating are part of the relationship landscape. It has become part of our culture.

It got me thinking. Women are culprits too, in this one. Before you draw daggers, listen up.

If a man steps out on a woman and cheats it is the man’s fault. But if his woman forgives him, she basically gives him the permission to continue cheating and thus it is her fault. It is that simple!

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I am sick and tired of women playing victim like they have no power at all. I’m tired of hearing sob stories from my friends, and women in general, about how they are “victims” of cheating men.

Change him

Oh, how they loved him and how they have been wronged. And then the very offended woman gets up, and takes herself back to the very man and believes she will somehow change him into being faithful.

And yes, I do agree that there are some men who are serial cheats. It does not matter if you looked like Halle Berry, have a butt like Beyoncé, and a smile like Rihanna’s, they will still cheat.

The majority of men who cheat, do so because they know they can get away with it. Simply because they have women who are so into them, and happen to be very understanding. And can forgive them, no matter what!

Yes. That is because she is a ‘ride or die chick’, the kind of woman every man dreams of having. A doormat type of woman, the kind you do not have to give anything, but she will be loyal until death.

I for one choose to be the selfish lady. I choose me first; only the selfish live happily ever after. The nice, selfless and long suffering types only get misery and heart ache.

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I am also tired of women who take too much crap from men, and only whine “marriage ni kukazana tu” (it is all about perseverance).

If you waste twenty years of your life in a bad marriage, it does not mean you have to waste another ten more years in long suffering like you are some kind of martyr.

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You know, leaving him is an option, too, the world won’t end and it won’t rain popcorn either. Life will simply move on!

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