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How to rock up your bedroom


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Bedroom décor and design is often overlooked. We glam up our living rooms, deck the hallways but ignore the bedrooms. “Why should I decorate my bedroom?” you roll your eyes and ask “all I do in there is sleep”.

The bedroom being the room we spend most of our lives in deserves some design TLC, but before we go crazy with all sorts of design agendas here are a few must have staples for any bedroom:

A bed


I can bet you did not see this coming, but yes, a bed is one of those staples. Without a bed, a bedroom becomes just another room. So go get yourself a good durable bed.

There are so many bed styles to choose from. Sizes as well, no need having a king size bed in a small space. Match your bed size to your bedroom space. You can choose from different types of headboard styles, too many options there as well. If you need extra storage get a bed that comes with storage drawers underneath.

A fuzzy comfy rug

Nothing is quite as annoying as waking up from your warm bed only to step on cold tiled floor. Your bedroom needs a fuzzy mat placed right by your bedside to sink your feet into.

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Every bedroom needs a nightstand or two. You can have nightstands that are not identical. Nightstands are staples because they hold your books, lamps, alarm clocks, phones and water. Two nightstands flanked on either side of your bed will give your bedroom balance.

Extra seating

You will need a place to sit on other than the bed. Think of an ottoman, an accent chair, an upholstered bench or a daybed. The type of seating you choose will depend on how much space you have left in the room. Ottomans and benches can be positioned at the foot of your bed. Chairs and divans go next to the bed, preferably next to a window.


You should have enough pillows so your bed looks cozy and inviting but not too much that you have to spend 30 minutes digging them out before bedtime. A safe number is 2-6 pillows, this would include; two standard pillows, two big euro shams (big square pillows) and two smaller throw pillows or bolster pillows.

A good mattress

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Get a good mattress, one that supports your back comfortably throughout the night. There are different types of mattress. Buying a mattress is a very personal business and there is really no buy this not that rule. Make sure your mattress rests almost at a similar height with your nightstands for a cohesive look.

A collection of things you love

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Do you have keepsakes that you would rather display in your bedroom? They could be mementos, souvenirs, art piece or gifts. Display these on your nightstands or on top of a separate chest of drawers.

All-white bedding

We naturally scurry away from white when we visualise cleaning it. However, there is something so beautifully pristine about a bed clad in all white. Get an extra pair of brilliant white bed sheets, bed covers and pillows. White bedding works in any design theme as well as with all other colours.


Lamps are must have items for anyone who loves to read in bed. Reading just before bedtime as a daily habit has been proven by researchers to improve quality of sleep. Lamps also help you transition from direct overhead lighting into the dark and quiet of the night. A pair of lamps on your nightstands will give the ultimate finish to your bedroom.


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