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Should we allow our little girls to have make up on


Recently while I was in church I was surprised at the number of young girls aged between 4 to about 10 years who had lipstick on. The little ladies looked all dolled up in their pink and red lips as they trotted off to Sunday school.

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Things have surely changed: These girls were looking ‘Insta-friendly’ at a young age, unlike in the past when makeup was a preserve of adults.

What do you do when your five-year-old, props herself in front of the dressing mirror while you are putting on your make up and asks for some lipstick? Do you go ahead and apply a light layer or do you tell her that makeup is for grownups?

Some liberal mom’s will not mind sharing their makeup kit with their daughters, because according to them “it makes them look prettier and allows them to express themselves.” Others who are more reserved will withhold makeup up to a certain age.

While there is no specific age for children to start putting on makeup, there are a few guidelines that must be observed before you choose to walk your daughter down that path.

Self Esteem

One question that she might ask is why people put make up on. Your answer most likely will be to look more beautiful. If she starts putting on making on that basis, it might affect her self esteem to an extent that she will not be confident without any make up on.

Your daughter must know that she is still beautiful without makeup. Focus on making her aware of her inner beauty which is more appealing.

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Child friendly

Discourage her from using adult cosmetics which contain chemicals that may cause her skin to break out in rashes. Note that exposure to some chemicals contained in cosmetics over a long period of time can cause drastic skin effects. It would be better if she has her own make up kit.

Make sure you read the label of any cosmetic your child chooses to use. See to it that she uses only child friendly lipstick or eyeliner. These child friendly cosmetics will reduce her chances of being affected in the long run.

Be around when she applies makeup to ensure she does it well, even better, do it for her. (We don’t want her poking her eyes all the time with eye pencil, do we?)

Less is More…

This is a rule of thumb any makeup artist will tell you. Discourage your child from putting on too much make up to the effect that she looks like a clown.

Do not readily jump into eye popping colors but start with some mild lip gloss and gradually introduce her to other make up kits as she grows older.

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I’m against all those mothers who turn their baby’s faces into canvas, just to get several likes on social media. In the end, your decision to allow your child to have makeup on should be for all the right reasons. 

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