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8 tips on wearing the correct fitting bra

Ladies have to do a balancing act with gravity. The best place to support the breasts is through the lumbar (lower back) but often, women take the strain around the ribcage, which can cause a curved back.

If a woman is bending forward because of insufficient support, the trapezius (upper back region) ­overstretches and causes headaches.

You need a well-engineered bra so your shoulders don’t end up doing all the work

How to get the correct fitting bra

Look in the mirror

Fitting expert recommends that you stand in front of a mirror, looking out for pinching, pulling and ­sagging – tell-tale signs you have the wrong size bra.

Recheck your size

Get fitted every six months as the shape and size of breasts changes ­constantly.

Watch for spillage

If your breasts are spilling out, you might need to try a bra with a smaller back and a larger cup size.

Check your wire positioning

Bend forward and make sure the wires are under the bust.

Stand ­and move the breast from the underarm, if necessary, so it’s inside the wire.

Part your bust to make sure the centre of the bra sits between the breasts.

If your bra is riding up at the back

You need a smaller back size.  The back band should be level with the underwire.

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The band must support the breasts’ weight in the mid to lower back.

If it’s too loose, the shoulders will carry the weight, ­leading to back problems.

Look for any signs of ‘digging in’

If your bra is leaving red marks or digging at the arm pits, you may need a bigger cup.

If your ­shoulders are sore, get a bra with padded or wider straps.

Consider the time of the month

Most women’s breasts ­fluctuate depending on the time of the month.

Buy a bra with lots of stretch in it.

If your bust sags

Shorten straps or choose a more supportive style with a less stretchy fabric.

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