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The sound of the river was our music


BRIDE'S NAME: Christine Nairisha

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GROOM'S NAME: Harris ole Kisota

DATE: December 13, 2014

GUESTS: 1,200

VENUE: Rombo, Loitokitok

BUDGET: Sh875,000


Harris: I met Christine in 2011. I knew her mother and brothers but I did not know her. Christine knew me very well but we had never had a conversation before. She was minding her mother’s shop when I saw her. I just felt inside me that she was the one for me. She looked focused, disciplined and very beautiful.

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Harry: I proposed to her on December 26, 2013. It was her birthday. I took her out to 680 Hotel and went down on my knee after dinner. I wanted to do it privately because I feared she may refuse.

Christine: It was a surprise for me because I had never expected that from him.

Harry: I was also surprised because I thought she would say “No” or “wait”...but she said “yes”. In the end as we embraced, I saw her tears and I was relieved.


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There was a lot of drama during the preparation because the vendor who was to supply tents brought them to the venue on the morning of the wedding instead of the day before. The decor had to be done in a hurry. Also the in-laws, asked for a traditional alcoholic drink, which I just found too hard to offer. There was a surprise regarding  the venue because my father changed it at the last minute. He proposed we do it near Rombo River, which was very smart with natural trees instead of the venue we indicated, which was the Free Pentecostal Church of Kenya ground. We went through Maasai traditional ceremonies during dowry negotiations where I was asked to pay eight cows, three pairs of blankets and eight Maasai shukas.


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When planning a wedding, do it with professionals. Do not trust friends so much with responsibility because some will fail you.


Harry: The highlights of the day was seeing that most of the friends I invited made it to the wedding. We went to Moshi, Tanzania for our honeymoon. It is a very serene environment with Mt Kilimanjaro as the backdrop.

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