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Night time tips for gorgeous hair


It’s only when we have braids that we wake up with hair ready to see the world. Otherwise, our hair needs a lot of TLC before the day starts. If your hair is natural or relaxed but open, you can too, wake up with gorgeous hair every morning. Here are some great ideas you can embrace:

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Brushing: It is always wise to brush the hair before you go to bed as this redistributes the natural oils in the hair from the scalp to the rest of the hair. Ensure the brush has natural bristles or a wide tooth comb. Brush from root to tip for a few minutes.

Treatment: Apply some overnight mask to nourish your hair and restore radiance. If the mask has vitamin C, the better, as this will strengthen your strands, preventing hair breakage. After the treatment, cover your hair with a silk scarf to keep the oil off your pillow case. Rinse off the treatment in the morning.

Conditioner: An overnight conditioner will nourish your hair more than an apply and wash conditioner. It moisturises the hair offering radiance to dry hair. After applying the leave-in conditioner, comb it using a wide tooth-comb to evenly distribute the treatment throughout your hair. You could then section your hair into three or four and make ‘matutas’ for the night. Wrap the hair in a satin headscarf to keep your bedding clean and your hair together. Rinse it off in the morning using lukewarm water.

Keep it in place: For women with long hair, it would be ideal to pull it back and tie a loose bun to keep it in place. Do not use an elastic band to hold it as this puts undue stress on the hair shafts and roots.

Wrap: The wrapping technique will keep your hair straight and sleek in the morning. Start behind the ear wrapping your hair in one direction around the head so that you have a flat and smooth surface. Use a brush to arrange your hair directionally around your head. You can then use hair pins to secure it in place. Tie a silk headscarf to keep the oils in place.

Change your bedding: Sleeping on satin or silk sheets and pillows, will avoid static and prevent hair breakage. Cotton pillows have a tendency of pulling on your hair. If you don’t have satin or silk pillow cases, wrap your hair with a silk headscarf.

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