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My man's libido is too low and it's killing me

Between The Sheets


Disturbing low libido
 My man’s low libido

-Sex is psychological and the physical will depend on the state of the mind. It is possible you could be in love with a man who loves very little in you, and you put him off the moment he sets his eyes on you. Try and see if he has a psychological problem or seek professional help. If you, say, other men are running after you, then try them and see if it feels the same. You already know that both of you want different things so do not lie to yourself; wake up.

{Tasma Charles}

- Leah, you are still young and you need to give him more time to fix this because at this age, his libido should actually be on a high. Continue showing him love and affection but if he does not change in the next two years, then look for another one.

 {Weldon Kirui}

-There are many men out there but as they say, a bird in the hand is worth more than two in the bush. Sex is mainly psychological and people need to prepare well for it. Prepare him psychologically, feed him well with a good and balanced diet, let him relax and be entertained and let him have some peace of mind, he shall fulfill his duty. Be satisfied with the one man you have and if need be, consult a sex therapist. You could also take a holiday or go to a place where you will both be relaxed.

 {Onyango Outha}

-The first step to healing is accepting that there is something wrong. You can only help him overcome this if he personally admits there is a problem. Talk to him and see if he admits to there being a problem in your sex life. Do not sound demanding and overly rude, remember no man can easily admit that he has a sexual problem as this would seriously bruise his ego. You can also try to find out what he fancies most. People are different and maybe he loves other forms of intimacy. Try and understand what his problem is but know that you can solve this in your own bedroom.

{Ouma Ragumo}

-Leah, your man could be having a problem and the best way to solve it is through talking. Sit with him and discuss this matter in detail. You will find a lasting solution.

 {Elvis Ogola}

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