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Set the table for a New Year's eve dinner

tablesetIf you are like me, you are in the habit of eating in front of the TV. That is fine, but if I had a choice, I would prefer some candlelit and a bit of conversation. Christmas is done but we are still in the festive mood. I would suggest that we try and set the table at least for the New Year.

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Many of us only experience the set table when we eat in hotels.

But you can bring the same home. Setting the table turns a 'basic' meal into an occasion. So you wonder which the soup spoon or salad fork is.

Here are some basic rules on table setting to help you have a fine dining experience at home. You could go formal or fancy; whatever suits your taste.

Remember to have some candles and flowers as the table centrepiece.


Perfect for family dining and most people prefer it at home since it follows just a few rules for fancier settings.

Plates: For this setting, an entree plate, the basic dinner plate, is enough. In case you intend to serve soup or salad as a first course, you can layer on an extra plate. Let it be something fancy and pretty to look at.

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Stemware: We like calling them all wine glasses. These are placed to the right. If serving wine the red, white or beer glass is placed first. The water glass sits above it to the left.

Flatware: These are the knives, spoons and forks. They are placed last. Don't ask me why. That is what I have heard. Place the dinner knife to the right of the plate and the spoon on the right next to the knife. Now, place the fork to the left of the plate. Account for utensils for the appetizer in case you are serving it.

Napkins: Have fun with the napkins. There are endless options of how you can fold and place them. Experiment with whichever you fancy.


Plates: Place the plates on top of each other. The largest plate the charger goes first, followed by the entree plate, and finally the appetizer plate. Now place the bread and butter plate at the top left position with the butter knife on top of it at a slight angle.

Stemware: These are placed to the right. You could have either a red or white glass placed (or both) closest to the plate. The champagne glass (treat yourself!) or water glass should sit above the wine glass, to the left.

Flatware: The dinner knife goes to the right of the dinner plate, followed by a soup spoon, then a fruit spoon if you serve fruit. The dinner fork then goes to the left of the plate, then the salad fork. You can place a dessert fork and coffee spoon above the plate.

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Napkins: These normally go on the dinner plate. However, feel free to let the table set up lead to their placement. They can also go under the forks.


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• Eat your meals starting with the utensils from the outside and working your way in.

• Knife blades always face the plate

• Napkins go to the left of the fork, or on the plate

• Bread and butter knife is optional

FYI: I came across the word 'FORKS' as a great guide in case you get stuck. Look at the word from left to right. F is for fork, O for plate (its shape), K for knives and S for spoons. Ignore the R; at least the word gives an idea.


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