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Mum arrested after two-year-old son is found with throat slit at family home

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A Mum was arrested after her  two-year-old son was found with his throat slit at their  family home.

Little Hassan  was found in a bedroom at the flat. His throat had been slit with scissors.

The mum was later spotted outside a nearby shop in the town before the alarm was raised by her sister shortly after 2pm.

 It’s believed the tot had been dead for several hours.

The child’s body was discovered in a bedroom at the apartment.

Little Hassan was the subject of a Child Rescue alert in August when he and his father went missing.

The alert was issued after concerns were raised about Hassan’s safety but father and son were found unhurt a short time later.

The dreadful news was broken to him shortly before 9.30pm.

A sister said: “We can’t actually talk at this time, it is a terrible tragedy.

“We have had enough tragedy, my dad passed away last year.”

Detectives are investigating if little Hassan was stabbed yesterday morning. They believe the child’s throat was slit with scissors.

The mother is being held for questioning by police. She converted to Islam several years ago when she met the child’s father

The suspect had worked as a beautician for several years at the most exclusive salons,she had been left devastated by the death of her father Robert and it is believed that she had suffered from psychological problems.

Her relationship with Mher husban Khan turned turbulent and last August little Hassan was taken by his father without her knowledge.

Neighbours reacted with shock last night.

Michelle, whose kids played with Hassan, said: “It’s terrible, such a shock.

“He was a lovely little boy. He was quite small, very petite little boy.

“It is just hard to believe that it happens right on your doorstep, a little boy that used to play with my children.”

The apartment last night remained sealed off and a full forensic examination was taking place.

The child’s body was removed shortly after 6pm.The Government Pathologist  is due to carry out a postmortem.


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