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When house girl pulls a shocker on you

                           House-girl bombshell (Photo:Courtesy)

Picture this: It is Monday morning, you have woken up bright and early, prepared yourself, kissed the little one good bye, taken breakfast and are headed to the kitchen to give the house help the final instructions.

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Even before you open your mouth, she gets you off-guard, “Mama mimi naenda.” (Mum I have quit).

What? I didn’t see this bombshell coming. Immediately she utters those words your mind starts racing.

“Where will I leave the baby?”

“What about the nine o’clock meeting  that the HR is addressing?”

After the panic spell, you gather your thoughts and try and plead with her to stay until weekend.

But no, she can’t spend another hour at your place because there is an urgent matter she has to attend to upcountry, and she needs her dues then. Mark you it’s the 15th or mwezi kona.

I am sure a good number of career women can relate to this career-threatening episode.

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It has happened to me twice, and in most instances I have had to call my boss and explain to her that I have a ‘house-girl crisis’, so I cannot make it to work. And you know these girls are quite interesting, because they never even give you a hint the previous night that they plan to go the next day.

But I prefer those who warn you in the morning as opposed to the ones who disappear when you send them to the shop in the morning.

You realise the girl has gone with a good number of your personal items, kitchen and baby’s stuff plus the Sh1,000 you had given her for breakfast.The funny thing is that you never see such an eventuality coming.

I mean you had not quarreled her the previous night, you ate good food, she was in good spirits as she played with the baby, and everything was just perfect. Actually, you even recall chatting to a friend who was having trouble with changing house helps and because of the peace you were experiencing with your help, you prematurely confessed that your girl was from heaven.

You went on and on about how the past six months have been glorious for you, thanks to the peace of mind the girl gives you.

Moral of the story, never celebrate too early, because these girls can disappoint you just when you have given them a clean bill of health.

Always be prepared for anything.

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