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7 easy steps for beautiful feet

Grogeous feetNothing makes a woman feel more dressed up than a pair of heels. High heels, however, change the position of your posture and with all the weight falling to the front of the feet, it can cause knee and back problems.

However, you can still wear heels while being kind to your feet.

1. Avoid platform shoes: They cause the feet to lose flexibility and can trigger ankle injuries. Rather, chose other types of heels such as those with sling backs.

2. Keep the foot and leg muscles supple: Bend and stretch your toes daily, rotating them, and pressing and pushing them up and down every night. You may wear wedge toe separators (such as those used in pedicures) between your toes for 10 minutes every evening to stretch them out.

3. Trim your toenails: Don’t let them get too long, as the friction caused by the toe pushing against a high-heeled shoe results in ridges and may injure the nail matrix.

4. Vary the height of your shoe heels: Varying the height keeps your calf muscles flexible. If you spend a lot of time on your feet, use padded insoles to cushion the balls of your feet. Wear sneakers as often as you can to correct posture and aid in circulation.

5. Don’t wear gel cushions all the time, as your feet get used to them and they weaken production of your feet’s own fatty cushioning. Save them for special occasions.

6. Wear comfortable shoes: Wear shoes that are wide enough to offer toes breathing space and reserve fashionable shoes for special events. Walk barefoot whenever possible. Avoid tight shoes that bundle toes in an unnatural position.

7. Have a pedicure regularly: Our feet have more sweat glands than oil glands, meaning the skin dehydrates rapidly. This can lead to dry cracked soles. A proper pedicure gets rid of hard skin and calluses. Exfoliate and soak your feet, and then moisturise with a hydrating foot cream.

It is also important to pay attention to any signs of problem conditions. Pretty feet are smooth, well hydrated, and clean. Put your best foot forward by regularly taking care of your feet.


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