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Hair dos that make women look older

Bad hairEvery woman has at least experienced a moment when they were told their hairstyle made them look younger or older.

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Here are hair styles that make women appear older:

One-length cut

Every woman dreams of long shiny hair. But when the hair is one length, the woman will look older. It makes the lines on the face stand out, making one look older. The solution to this is to reduce the length of one’s hair as they age. Short hair gives one a younger look. If you insist on keeping your hair long, shape and layer it in such a way that it frames your face well.

Old school haircuts

These are hairstyles that only look good if one is acting in a play whose theme is old school.  Sporting this look everyday makes you look older. Solve this by adorning trendy haircuts, which come in a wide variety. Your hairdresser will pick for you a style that suits the shape of your face and makes you look your age if not a few years younger. 

Very dark hair colour

This is a big mistake, especially for light-skinned women. A dark head of hair on a fair skin will draw attention to all the fine lines, blemishes and uneven skin colour. The contrast in the colour of your skin and hair also makes thinning hair noticeable, and makes your hair look unnatural.

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Lighter hair colours will make you look youthful, softer and innocent.

Straight perm

Very straight hair makes one’s face look thinner and a haggard. The face looks harsh, mature and strict. If you perm your hair, keep it well moisturised so that your face does not look older and tired. Apart from moisturising, having waves on your permed hair will give off a soft look and balance out the face well. Waves also add volume to the hair, giving it a fuller look.

Poor maintenance

As a woman ages, so does her hair. It starts falling, becomes dry and gets more split ends, thus losing its luster. When your hair is damaged, you look older.  It is thus important to invest in a good conditioner that will maintain the softness and shine of your hair every day. Do not wash your hair everyday and follow a balanced diet. There are many good products in the market that can enhance the beauty of your hair.

Blunt bangs

Children and teenagers look amazing in blunt bangs; but not older women. These bangs make your eyes look smaller, dividing your face into two parts. You will thus look older since it accentuates your chin, nose and cheeks. For those who love the bangs, go for an edgy cut; get a fringe with feathery ends instead of a blunt one.  Side swept bangs are also great since they are graceful and cover the lines on the forehead.

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