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Strutting the global runway

What does being a woman mean to you?

It means freedom, inner beauty, excellence and making the world better. A woman can have a final picture or image in her head when a man is still figuring out how to put the work materials together, leave alone the sketch of the whole picture. Even though men hate the sound of this, I believe even though it is still a man’s world, it is nothing without a woman.


What defines a woman’s beauty?

Beauty is in your heart, it has a lot to do with how you treat or interact with people.


Has being a woman made you get away with something?

No, but the tenacity in me as a woman has enabled me achieve the unimaginable.


How did you manage to bag the Top Model Worldwide in London last year among 47 contestants?

I am a go-getter as long as whatever I am aiming for does not conflict with my principles, beliefs and values. When I set my mind to doing something, I do not relent until I feel I have given it my 110 per cent.


You were also honoured with Models Model Award for support towards other models. In such a stiff competition, how did you get to be nice to your rivals?

I know! I was also surprised. Models might find themselves tangled in jealousy, an unhealthy for spirit of completion and many other vices.  I thought I could play the big sister role as the competition built up. Most importantly, this is as a result of the value of sharing and caring for one another that my parents planted in my siblings and I throughout our childhood.


What is your greatest achievement?

I am living my dream. I am a sure testimony that when you set your mind at something, all things are possible. I have proved that one’s environment or setbacks should not stop them from achieving their dream.


What is your best quality?

Being quiet. At times, all you need is silence. It helps your brain relax and also generate new ideas.

What is your most priced/valued possession?

The gift of love of God, family, husband, friends and fans. It is priceless. We all can’t do without love.


What is your secret to staying healthy and fit?

Self-discipline, eating the right foods, hydrating and sticking to a fitness plan.

What is the one thing you find hard to resist?

Nothing I can think of. I try not to be an extremist with my undertakings because everything done excessively is poisonous.

How do you unwind?

I read an inspirational book, swim or enjoy a warm bath, especially because it is often very cold in Canada.

What do you miss most about Kenya?

I can take the whole day talking about it. Briefly, it’s my family in Kenya, friends, food and the weather, especially the hot Kisumu sun.

What is your favourite holiday destination?

I love nature; therefore, a place with oceans, mountains and forests is ideal. I don’t like big cities because I find them noisy, crowded and polluted. I love Zanzibar, Dominica Islands, Florida and the Caribbean.


Are you seeing anyone special?

Seeing someone? I got married in September 2011 to my long-time boyfriend Norbert. It was a private church ceremony in Kenya with a few invites.

Any lesson you learnt while dating?

I would not say I’m an expert in this line. But I believe one should go for a partner with whom you share true love, not infatuation or lust. You should also have common grounds that reflect your values and beliefs.

Where do you see yourself in the five years?

I have many dreams, plans and visions. It’s just a matter of when they will come to fruition.



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