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Why carrying a lot of cash is risky

Have you ever heard that thieves have mastered the smell of bank notes? Okay, if not the smell, then they know how a person who has money behaves. Therefore, it is vital to learn how to carry yourself when you have money to beat them at their game.

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Men should carry their wallets in the breast pocket or inside pocket of the coat. Carrying it in the back pocket of your trouser makes it easy for the pickpocket to reach it especially in congested streets or when scrambling to board matatus.

Women should avoid carrying cash in clutch bags as this makes it easy for snatchers to make a kill. Instead, it is good to put your cash in a bag with shoulder straps. This will help you to hold back in case someone tries to snatch it.

Open Money transfers

Do not handle large amounts in public places like open money transfer shops or outside Automated Teller Machines. Be discreet when paying for your goods. Keep loose money in easily accessible pockets, this will help when paying for fares and small purchases instead of removing all your cash looking for smaller notes.

In crowded places, especially in matatus or trains, never receive a phone call after receiving money from a friend or relative; you might mention the amount accidentally exposing yourself to goons.

Don’t always carry your money in one place like wallet or purse, carry some in your pockets just in case you are attacked you will have some money to pay for the taxi or matatu.

For those who own vehicles it is advisable to keep some money in the glove compartment in case you lose money to goons or you overspend.

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Since some hotels or supermarkets prefer use of credits cards nowadays, remember to carry with your cards lest you end up with an egg on the face.

What happens when you block your ATM card and it fails to be ejected or your credit card gets lost when you’re far away from your bank? Ensure you have your bank’s toll-free number to report such mishaps in time.

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