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Grooming tips for baby girl

Age 5: She can learn to oil her body by applying lotion in the areas she can reach. She can also learn to keep her hands and lips moisturiser.

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Hygiene is an important part of beauty therefore teach her to wash herself well and her underwear.

Get her used to wearing sunscreen daily especially when going to swim.

Age 8: She can safely use a nail-cutter to keep her fingernails short. She can now have her own lip balm. Get her used to organising her toiletries and provide her with cute bags and receptacles to store everything in its place.


Age 9: She can maintain her hair between salon visits by combing and moisturising it.


Age 12: She can start using some fragrance. Essential oils are mild and free from allergens. If she has started puberty, she can start using a natural aluminium-free deodorant.


Age 14: She can learn to groom her underarms or shave them. Discourage her from shaving her legs as this can lead to bumps or ingrown hairs.

Teach her to cleanse and moisturise her face twice a day.


Age 16: You can teach her how to do a home facial at least once a month. You can use cheap natural ingredients that are readily available in the kitchen. Teach her to scrub, steam, and mask as a way to pamper herself and take care of her skin.

At this age she can also learn to blow dry her hair and carefully flat-iron. She can learn that beauty does not have to be expensive.

Buy her a manicure and pedicure set to take care of her nails at home.


Age 17/18: Teach her to apply simple basic make-up to enhance her features without clouding her youthful bloom. Although inner beauty is the main focus, teaching her these skills will enable her to have high self-confidence and always look fabulous. You will be imparting in her lifelong habits that pay — if you look after your skin in your youth, your skin will look after you for the years to come.

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